Welcome To LAMDA

LAMDA is a course that teaches communication, inspires confidence and offers recognised qualifications. Our aim is to provide all young people with the opportunity to develop key life skills, such as self-confidence and communication, which will pave their success.

LAMDA Grades

Students can get additional UCAS points!

Recognised Qualifcation

Students studying LAMDA can rise through the grades, similar to musical instruments and get UCAS points to help with university!

After-school or Lunch

Fun and engaging for all students

Flexible sessions

We offer schools students 1 hour after-school group LAMDA sessions and 30 min lunch time slots in each school.


Students gain so much confidence in themselves

Performance Ready

LAMDA helps students to build up self-esteem and make them not only confident in front of friends and classmates but on stage!

Role of the School

No admin, no cost!

Hassle Free!

The process is very easy and simple!